These wooden flowers look amazing and last forever

Fresh-cut flowers are a beautiful, fragrant addition to everything from events to the kitchen table. They can also be an expensive luxury that doesn't last very long.

A custom woodwork online boutique, based in Ellenton, Florida, has an eco-friendly alternative that will last a lifetime.

Cheyanne Weiss owns Shy Chic Boutique and she specializes in wooden flowers and arrangements. She says she has created bouquets, archways, and centerpieces -- all from wooden flowers.

"The thing I love about wood flowers is their versatility," Weiss told FOX 13 News. "And the fact that you’re not just throwing them away at the end of the day."

Weiss says brides love the flowers because they're affordable and don't have to be preserved after the wedding is over.

"I can color them to match their color scheme...Brides don’t have to worry about flowers being out of season," Weiss said.

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The flowers are made from wood as well as things like cassava root and tapioca root. She adds lace and crystals for an elegant touch.

"Most of the time when people see my creations they are shocked when I tell them that they are wood flowers. Most people come up thinking that they’re going to be real flowers," Weiss said.

Her clients' imaginations are the limit. Weiss has created wooden roses, marigolds, and more.

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