They help the big game seem even bigger

A local company has a big job – literally – in helping Tampa become the center of the football universe this week. 

OAI Visual Branding creates large-scale branding for stadium graphics, billboards and other large events and venues. 

In their 40,000-square-foot warehouse on Hillsborough Avenue, they have the equipment to produce over 100,000 square feet of signage a day. 

"I would definitely say we are the go-to business for grand format signage in Tampa," proclaimed marketing coordinator Mackenzie Baron.

Right now, most of that equipment is creating signage to be placed around town for the big game. OAI is printing covers for barricades, fences and tents at the Super Bowl Experience. They are also making lots of floor graphics to encourage social distancing among crowds.  

"The days have been a lot longer, lots of hard work. The good news is that it pays off when you get to be part of such an experience and event like this," Baron added.