Three Levy County good Samaritans help elderly woman into car

A sheriff’s deputy in Bronson, Florida recorded video of three men helping an elderly couple get into their vehicle.

It was a simple gesture that’s captured hearts around the world.

The video shows three men helping an elderly woman, who appears to have trouble standing. An elderly man with her can be seen using a walker to help with his mobility, and he thanks the men for their caring actions.

One of the men in the video, Joc Koo Stoe, said he and his friends, FreddyG and Marty saw the couple and realized the man was having a hard time helping his wife into their van.

They asked the couple, Rose and David Griest, if they wanted some help.

Meanwhile, a Levy County Sheriff’s Office deputy saw the men helping the couple and began recording.

Kanesha Carnegie posted the video on Facebook January 28 with the caption “’MLK’ The dream STLL lives on.”

As of this writing, more than 5.4 million people had watched the video.