Thrill seekers prepare: Florida's tallest launch roller coaster, Tigris, is almost ready

Florida’s tallest launch roller coaster is almost ready to, well, launch.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay opened its gates Thursday morning for a behind-the-scenes look at its newest roller coaster, Tigris. The ride will catapult riders through a series of looping twists with forward and backward motion, exhilarating drops, all at more than 60 miles per hour.

Tigris will race riders along more than 1,800 feet of steel track and will reach its peak height at 150 feet. But the best part of the ride, according to project manager Stewart Clark, is the slow inversion called a heartline roll.

"And that is when you are going to lose your lunch,” said Andrew Schaffer.

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The theme park's president, Stewart Clark, said Tigris is just one of many exciting new things happening at Busch Gardens. Another “thrill ride” is set to open in 2020, but details won’t be released until next month.

Busch Gardens already has the most roller coasters in Florida, and Tigris will only solidify the park's title as thrill ride leader. A specific opening date has yet to be released.