Tips for incentive-based potty training

Potty training can be difficult and everyone seems to have advice, from "wait until the child is ready" to "let them run around naked."

Dr. Lori Bowers of Pediatric Health Care Alliance has some doctor-recommended advice for parents who want to keep potty training simple.

First, she says to be alert for verbal cues. Many children will tell you when they are ready to be changed, and that will likely translate to being ready for the potty.

Many parents resort to a little incentive, like candy, to start a routine.

Dr. Bowers says there's nothing wrong with a reward system. Try a potty treat just for sitting first, and then a reward for going.

Hopefully, treats will go away naturally, but it's not always easy. Some incentives don't have peaceful endings.

"They're not going to do it unless they have the incentive. You have to have some plan for how you are eventually going to phase that out," warns Dr. Bowers.