Tom Brady joins vibrant St. Pete arts scene, thanks to popular local artists

Urban murals and street art of all shapes and styles have popped up around St. Petersburg and the public art scene is more popular than ever.

The Vitale Brothers have watched it happen from the inside as part of that community for 25 years.

“We’ve been contributing to the St. Petersburg arts scene since we got out of high school, basically,” John Vitale explained.

But Vitale says it’s only within the last few years that the scene has really exploded. Vitale says outdoor walls are the “new-school gallery space” accessible to everyone.

“You don’t have to go into a fancy museum to see street art,” he continued. “It’s basically all over the place now.”

The brothers’ work is so well known that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reached out to them to commission a Bucs mural.

“It felt pretty cool to have them want our view or our take on their brand,” Vitale offered. “They gave us a lot of freedom on this.”

As the faces of Tom Brady and Chris Godwin went up, Vitale said a wide range of people from the community have stopped to admire the mural.

You can see it for yourself at 3125 5th Avenue North in St. Pete.

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