Tourists find, help rescue injured eagle in Winter Haven preserve

An injured bald eagle, found at Marshall Hampton Preserve, was rescued thanks to the relentless efforts of a woman and her son, and a group of volunteers.

Pamela Partain and her son, Garrett are visiting the Bay Area from Colorado. They were hiking Saturday afternoon when they came across the eagle.

"It's always heartbreaking, these animals don't have anyone to speak for them," said Pamela Partain, who started making calls to animal rescue services in the area.

Several hours later, Partain got in contact with the Raptor Center of Tampa Bay and volunteers immediately sprang into action.

"Very cold, wet, and windy," were the weather conditions the group braved for hours until they called the search off for the night.

Sunday morning they returned and after about three hours, the eagle was found on the shore of a lake.

"I think he was just so tired by then," said Kim Kalishek, who gently scooped the bird up with a net.

"It was just so many people working hard to get this little guy," said Kalishek as she held back tears, "and now he has a chance."

The eagle was transported to the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, where officials said he has a fracture in his right wing and is fairly thin. Overall, they said the eagle is doing well.