Trump hat leads to fight, arrest of Hernando Co. man

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Comments made over a hat supporting Donald Trump led to an argument and then a physical confrontation at a Hernando County Dunkin' Donuts Tuesday.

Robert Christenson, of Spring Hill, says he spotted a fellow Trump supporter and complimented him on his hat. That's when Christenson says a third man overheard the conversation and started arguing with Christenson and his wife.

"This guy behind my wife starts yelling yea if you're racist. It's a great hat if you're a racist. Oh you support racism," said Christenson.

The argument escalated and according to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, the couple and the man they were enagaged with, Ioannis Popadopoulos were kicked out of the store at Spring Hill Drive and Mariner Boulevard.

Surveillance video from a nearby repair shop shows the argument escalating outside. Christenson is seen running toward Popadopoulos' car. Deputies say off screen, Christenson kicks it, which he denies.

According to an arrest report, two workers inside the Dunkin' Donuts corroborated Popadopoulos' story saying they witnessed the kicks.

Christenson was arrested on misdemeanor criminal mischief charges and could face up to a year in prison.

He told FOX 13 Popadopoulos threatened him and his wife and tried hitting them with his car. Deputies never charged Popadopoulos.

Despite the legal trouble it got him in, christenson says he would continue to publicly support Trump.

"I stand by my support for Donald Trump to the end," Christenson said.