Trump lays out plan for first 100 days in office at Tampa rally

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Before a crowd of over 10,000 supporters at the Mid-Florida Amphitheatre, Donald Trump sprinted toward the finish in a state he needs to win in order to make it to the White House.

In a series of bullet points, he laid out a plan for his first 100 days in office.

Along with the wall on our border with Mexico, and further investigating Hillary Clinton, Trump said he would try to impose term limits on congressmen, a hiring freeze on non-essential federal employees and for every new regulation, he would repeal two.

"The fact that the Washington establishment has tried so hard to stop our campaign is only more proof that our campaign represents the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime. This is our last chance," Trump said

Trump is staring down the barrel of unfriendly poll numbers in must-win Florida and nationwide.

"To say Trump is down in the polls, I don't believe it. No one here does either," said supporter Hugh Roberts of Plant City.

"I do not believe the polls," said Maggie Korpi of Tampa. "I believe the media is so far left, they are trying to scare us."

Trump also went on his usual anti-media rants, which culminated in a frightening exchange between a CNN correspondent and a Trump supporter after the rally.

That can be viewed here:

But Trump insisted he is running a positive campaign, one that would inspire the nation the moment he takes office.

"We are going to fight for urban America, rural America, suburban America, because we are all one America," Trump said.

This was his third rally of the day in Florida and by the end of tomorrow he will have done five in the three days.

Then, it's off to Ohio, another must win state for him.