Trump mocks Gov. Scott's communications skills

Rick Scott is taking more heat, this time from a high profile and outspoken Republican presidential candidate.

Donald Trump just attacked Governor Scott by slamming his performance on a morning television news program.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted "Governor Rick Scott of Florida did really poorly on television this morning. I hope he is O.K."

Governor Rick Scott's communication skills have been mocked and criticized for years. In 2013, international media ridiculed Scott for greeting the king of Spain -- who was mired in scandal for shooting an elephant -- by asking about the elephant.

"I've ridden elephants. I've never tried to shoot one," Scott quipped at the time.

Then last year, he drew national attention for awkwardly -- and repeatedly -- dodging questions about using on-duty law enforcement at his campaign events, instead offering unrelated statements.

Scott has said he's not a good talker. And this year, he kicked off his state of the state speech by mocking himself.

"So now it's time for another state of the state speech, or as I like to call it, a chance for me to show off my world renowned oratorical skills," said Scott. "It's OK, you can laugh, it was meant to be a joke."

FOX 13 Political Editor Craig Patrick examined Scott's history of communication problems, and his history of avoiding questions in 'Patrick on Politics.' 

Watch the segment: