Turn the tables: How you can 'manage' your boss

Everyone has a boss, who, for better or worse, they answer to -- but is there a way to "manage" your boss?

Career consultant and executive coach Lisa Jacobson https://lisajacobson.co/ said yes, and it starts with knowing what to call them.

"Manager is a better word than boss these days," she said. 

Lisa said managing your manager really means how to best communicate with one. She said assertiveness is key. Never leave a meeting without knowing exactly what your manager's goals are.

It's also important to know your audience. Lisa said LinkedIn can be used as an investigative tool. 

"Who is your manager following? Because that shows their interest and background,” she said.

Next, learn your manager's chosen method of communicating. Do they want FaceTime every day? Do they find texting annoying? Do they like email because it’s all documented? Lisa said these are all questions you should know the answer to.

She also said not to put your own goals first. 

"It’s border line arrogant to be promoting your brand and what you can do," Lisa said.  

And when the time's right, find a creative way to discuss long term goals. 

Finally, Lisa said being nice to co-workers may help with a big promotion. 

"When you are looking for your next step up, a lot of managers will say 'I’d like to talk to your peers,'” she said.