Unique Tampa theater promotes women’s empowerment

The women of ‘Steel Magnolias’ are coming to life on a Tampa stage.

Powerstories, a non-profit professional theater, is currently performing the play made popular by the 1989 movie and hopes to empower those in attendance and in the cast.

"Powerstories theater is a movement. Our main focus is to bring theater to the community that highlights women in every way possible, whether it’s a featured female playwright, predominantly women in the cast, strong female roles, we want to empower women and girls inside and outside these walls," stated Stephanie Coren-Marotta with Powerstories.

Coren-Marotta says the company chose ‘Steel Magnolias’ because it encompasses everything the theater hopes to promote through women of various ages at different stages in life. 

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"Here at Powerstories, our main focus is producing true stories based in acts of history, based on real people, based on memoirs real people have written, such as Steel Magnolias is a loosely autobiographical piece," explained Coren-Marotta.

Actresses rehearse of an upcoming performance of 'Steel Magnolias'.

Actresses rehearse of an upcoming performance of 'Steel Magnolias'. 

Powerstories hopes to empower its cast members and audiences.

Actress Joann Henry says, "Powerstories is basically just what it says. It is a powerful experience for women. So many women sit back and they keep everything in. So many women have so many stories to tell."

"For anyone who has not experienced Powerstories, I invite them to come and enjoy this intimate space. Share in this gift of live theater and enjoy this show that is a rollercoaster of emotion, but just such joy," stated Coren-Marotta.

LINK: Powerstories will perform Steel Magnolias through Oct. 2. Click here to learn more.