Valrico kid’s love for cutting lawns wins him free lawnmower after completing 50 Yard Challenge

It's known as the "50 Yard Challenge" and is a way to motive kids to spread kindness by mowing 50 lawns for free. If they can do it, the charity, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, will reward them with a free lawnmower. A 9-year-old Valrico boy reached the mark Wednesday night.

Corbin Dihel may be nine but is already wise enough to know nothing worth having comes easy.

"If you do do it, don't give up doing it," Corbin said.

It's a lesson he picked up first-hand sweating it out in the hot Florida sun going to door-to-door mowing lawns for free for neighbors in need.

"It makes me very proud that he actually continued, and he didn't give up, and he's definitely learned to be kind to everybody and how to spread kindness throughout our community," said Corbin's mom, Andrea.

Spreading kindness is what Raising Men Lawn Care Service is all about.

"We are a non-profit organization, and we mow free lawns for the elderly, disabled, single parents, and veterans," Raising Men Lawn Care Service Founder Rodney Smith Jr. said.

Rodney Smith Jr. snaps photo of Corbin with his new lawnmowing gear.

Smith started the charity back in 2016 after seeing an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn, so he helped him out and did it for free.

"I would have never thought it would have turned into what it is today, but it just took a life of its own," Smith said.

Now, Smith motives kids across the country via social media to follow in his footsteps and challenge themselves to mow 50 lawns for free. If they can do it, Smith will drive across the country himself and deliver them a free lawnmower in person.

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It was a special moment for neighbor Sharon Aspinwall.

"The kid was amazing. He did beautiful work. I can't tell you how happy I was. It's tough when you get older and rely on people, but a little one? Come on. Wow," Aspinwall said.

Corbin's family held a makeshift block party Wednesday night to celebrate the big moment, which has been more than 6 months in the making.

"Kids work hard all fall, all summer, all winter to finish the 50 Yard Challenge, so it's always good to see. You see the pictures, and you get to see them in person, so it's a good feeling," Smith said.

Corbin has advice for other kids interested in following in his footsteps.

"Don't just go in a squiggly line go like in a straight path," Corbin said.

Words to live by from the lawn mowing expert himself and now future entrepreneur thanks to Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

"He plans to open up his own lawn mowing business, and he's only 9. So it's pretty amazing to hear your kid think about the future," Andrea said.

Corbin says his business will be called Corbin's Crazy Cuts. Along with a lawnmower, Corbin also got a leaf blower and weed-eater.