Vice President Biden campaigns for Clinton in Sarasota

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If vice presidents are a campaign's attack dog, Joe Biden played the role to a "T" during a visit to the Robert Taylor Community Center in Sarasota on Monday.

"He is just so completely and thoroughly uninformed," Biden told the crowd of about 700.

Biden is enraged by Donald Trump's latest comments.

On Monday, Trump said during a panel discussion in Virginia that troops who commit suicide can't handle the horrors of war.

"Every one of those warriors left behind an entire family. A community, for us," Biden responded. "Over 200,000 are coming home with unseen wounds."

The Trump campaign accused the media and Democratic politicians of taking Trump's remarks out of context.

But Biden hammered on that, as well as Trump's early morning tweeting.

"3:30 in the morning, and this guy wants to be president?"

Biden's attacks come at a crucial moment, as the Clinton campaign hopes to seize on a post-debate surge in her poll numbers.

She has re-taken the lead in several Florida polls.

"It is not hyperbole, we win Florida, there is absolutely zero path, for this man to make it to the White House," he said.

The rally was relatively small, only about a thousand attendees.

Biden encouraged his audience to get everyone they know to the polls.

"We never bend, we endure, we move forward, we are America, second to none, that is the history of the journey of this country, and God willing, Hillary will write the next chapter of that history. So go vote. Go vote."

After Biden's Orlando and Tampa swing today, the Democrats are keeping the heat on, with the president scheduled to appear in Tampa and Miami on Wednesday.