Victim faces long recovery after being shot in the face

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Family and friends are rallying around a Hernando County teenager who was shot in the face. 

Brianna Goble faces a long road to recovery after she was violently attacked Thursday night at Spring Haven Apartment Complex in Spring Hill. 

Christian Fitzgerald was arrested Friday after being on the run since Thursday night’s shooting. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office says the 17-year-old knew the victim. 

Brianna Goble's family hopes for justice, but told FOX 13 News, right now, their focus is on making sure she starts healing from this horrific ordeal.

"Basically I hear the gunshot, I am walking right about here when I hear call 911," said Emmanuel Rivera.

The Spring Hill man was one of the first people at Brianna’s side after hearing the loud pop and then screams.

LINK: Hernando deputies arrest shooting suspect

"It's not until I come about right here where I see the victim and her brother," Rivera said, motioning to an area near the apartment complex pool.

Brianna had been shot in the face. Her brother was frantic.
Rivera says he stayed with the pair, trying to comfort and calm them until first responders arrived.

"All that really matters is that Brianna is doing okay, that she's going to be okay.  It's a long road ahead of her, but she's gonna make it," said Elizabeth Limestahl, speaking for the family.

She says the bullet shattered the 18-year-old's teeth, gums, and at least one vertebrae.
Saturday, Brianna was awake, talking and breathing on her own, and surrounded by the support of loved ones.

"The future is so unknown right now as far as the recovery that Brianna is gonna need medically,” Limestahl said. “Financially, we're not really sure yet what, if anything, insurance will cover."

The silver lining in this senseless attack is how people in the area are stepping up to get Brianna and her family back on their feet. 

Her aunt set up a YouCaring page to help pay for the hospital bills, and on October 18, Rookies Sports Bar & Grill in Spring Hill will donate 20 percent of all sales to the effort.

More information can be found at

"So we're asking the community to wrap their arms around this family at this point," Limestahl said.

"Nobody's rich, nobody has a lot of money to spare, but a little bit goes a long way," said Rivera.