Victim, no more: Bobby Joe Long survivor advocates for justice

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Bobby Joe Long was Tampa's nightmare in the 1980s, but one woman managed to survive his terror, giving detectives what they needed to take him down.

Long killed at least eight women, but detectives say there could be others. He was convicted and sentenced to death more than 30 years ago and he still sits on Florida's death row. 

The one who survived, Lisa McVey Noland, was 17 when Long abducted her. This week, known as National Crime Victims Rights Week, Noland and other survivors were invited to Tallahassee to tell their stories to lawmakers and, once again, ask for justice.

"Why is this person still alive after taking all these lives?" Noland asked.

Noland was taken while riding her bicycle in Tampa in 1984. She was the only victim known to escape Long and gave details to police which helped lead to Long's capture. 

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Noland, now a Hillsborough County deputy sheriff, says she carries survivor's guilt and thinks of the other young women who were murdered.

"In 34 years, I can tell you this: As a Long survivor, I have not slept a night through," Noland said.

Attorney General Pam Bondi was on hand to hear victims' stories.

"They've endured some of the most horrendous crimes you can imagine," Bondi said of the attendees.

Family members of one of Long's victims, 21-year-old Vicky Elliott, also came to the capital. 

"We got a call that there may be some activity in this case after all these years," said Elliott's brother Jeff Sienko.

No death warrant has been signed, but Sienko and his family are already making plans to witness Long's execution.

"We're all going to go," said Sienko. "You did this to our family, behind closed doors, now we're going to see it done to you in the public eye." 

Long's victims, and survivor, hope the serial killer's sentence -- handed down long ago -- will finally be carried out.