Victim testifies as ice cream man murder trial continues in Tampa

Gonzalo Guevara had a weird feeling about hanging out at 604 Ocean Mist Court in Ruskin on Thanksgiving Day ten years ago, but he did it anyway. 

Guevara said he was playing cards and drinking with his friends on the porch when a man dressed as a police officer suddenly appeared, pointed a gun at the group and asked for someone named “Creeper.”

Guevara said the gunman then ordered everyone to the ground. One by one, Guevara said he watched his buddies get shot before the gunman turned and shot him four times. 

When asked who the gunman was, Guevara pointed to the defendant Michael Keetley.

Keetley was known in the neighborhood as “Mike the Ice Cream Man”.

Keetley had been robbed and shot in his ice cream truck 10 months earlier and prosecutors said he was out for revenge. They said he shot and killed two brothers and severely injured four others, including Guevara. 

The jury also heard from a computer expert who investigated Keetley's computer hard drive. She said Keetley had searched “Ocean Mist Court” 92 times. That’s the address where the shooting occurred.  

Prosecutors said it’s the smoking gun in this case. They explained that the multiple searches prove Keetley was setting his deadly plot in motion and executed it on Thanksgiving.

The trial continues next week.