Victims talk about drug-fueled crime spree

A meth-fueled violent crime spree ended peacefully, and several victims are now telling their stories.

Pasco deputies found Kenneth Michael Brown, 30, armed, naked and hiding on the railroad tracks early Friday morning.

From Wednesday morning through Thursday afternoon, they say, he carjacked two people, broke into a home, stole three guns and $400 to $500 worth of coins, and attempted to break into another home.

Deputies say the crime spree started Wednesday night at Rodney Dibble's home when Brown broke in and took three guns.

Dibble wasn't home at the time, but when he returned Thursday morning, he was in shock.

"I pulled in and saw some chains laying on the ground and I said that doesn't look good. That looks suspicious, and I went to my back door and I could pull it open and walk in. And the house was just ransacked," Dibble said.

He called the sheriff's office. Forensic investigators arrived, dusted for fingerprints and left.

Around noon, Dibble said Brown showed back up to retrieve the bag of stolen coins.

"My girlfriend said there was someone walking around up there. So I went running up there. He was looking around where I found the coins, so I said something to him. He took off running, and I took off chasing him," Dibble said.

He chased Brown into an adjacent neighborhood and says Brown pointed a gun at him then ran across the street to the Belmont Apartment Complex.

Now hiding in the bushes, deputies say, Brown confronted a 10-year-old boy. The young boy ran from Brown and into his apartment then locked the door.

"We were all inside, my whole family," the boy's father, Rob Mauger, said. "This guy put some force into trying to open the door. My son did everything right because if that guy would've made it into our apartment, he instantly would have had four hostages."

Brown is in jail on a $610,000 bond.