Video: Kind stranger named, 'Moses' returns wallet found in Tampa driveway

A Tampa homeowner is grateful for a stranger who found a wallet in the driveway, and took the time to return it.

Matthew Easterly owns a home on Anderson Avenue in South Tampa, when he was notified through his Ring app that there was someone at the front door. Easterly wasn’t home at the time.

He asked the man, who identified himself as Moses, “How can I help?”

Moses explained, through the surveillance camera, that he found a wallet sitting near the driver’s door of a vehicle sitting in the driveway.

Easterly was taken aback by the good deed, and explained to Moses that there are tenants living in the house, but are probably sleeping. 

“If you don’t mind just leave it right down there at the bottom of the doorstep, and I will call them and ask them to answer the door, OK?”

Easterly asked him for his name, in which the good Samaritan said, “Moses.”

“Thank you, Moses. Not many people out there are like you, buddy.”

Easterly said he hopes to track down Moses, who he recognized as someone who lives in the neighborhood, and thank him in person.

"If anyone knows this guy," Easterly wrote. "Let him know we think He is a Saint!"