Video: Maserati driving wrong way hits oncoming vehicle

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A taxi cab's dash camera caught the moment a Maserati driving the wrong way on a Utah interstate hit another vehicle head-on. 

The A2B Taxi Service cab driver was in the process of reporting the wrong-way driver to a 911 dispatcher when the crash happened. 

It happened in the northbound lanes of Interstate 15 in Weber County, Utah, just before 1 a.m. Saturday.

In the video, the taxi driver, who was moving along a southbound lane of I-15, is heard making a call to 911 to report a "white sports car” moving southbound on northbound lanes.

The backlights of a car driving head-on into northbound traffic come into view on the left side of the video, making it clear that the wrong-way driver's car is going faster than the taxi. 

Just as he tells the dispatcher the car must be "doing 80-plus," the car smashes into the headlights of an oncoming car. 

The taxi driver shouts in shock when the crash occurs and tells the dispatcher that he was hit by debris.

According to Fox 13 citing the Utah Department of Public Safety, the driver of the Maserati was intoxicated and was later arrested by the Utah Highway Patrol.

The report said the wrong-way driver sustained minor cuts and bruises while the other driver, whose car reportedly “flipped over the barrier into southbound traffic,” sustained a broken pelvis.