Video shows driver narrowly avoid hitting pedestrian in Tampa

A driver who came close to hitting two pedestrians when they darted in front of his car hopes video of the close call will remind other pedestrians to be careful.

Ross Newman shared dash camera video showing the nail-biting moment two people bolted across Platt Street. Seconds before reaching the other side, one of the pedestrians stopped to pick up something they dropped.

Newman had to swerve and hit the breaks to avoid hitting them.

“Before I knew it there were two people right in front of my car," said Newman, who added it's a common occurrence in Tampa's SoHo district.

FOX 13 cameras caught several people running through traffic lanes, instead of using nearby crosswalks, on S. Howard Ave. 

“It’s not cool because people have to slam on their brakes, which can obviously cause accidents,” said Alicia Laun, a university student who drives in area.

A recent study conducted by Smart Growth America suggests Florida is the most dangerous state for pedestrians. Officials warn drivers to remain alert and drive defensively, but also urge pedestrians to use common sense and not make dangerous decisions.

“Don’t dart out into traffic, the law says that no pedestrian shall suddenly leave the curb, and other place of safety and walk into the path of vehicle," said officer Roy Paz, with the Tampa Police Department.

According to Officer Paz, 45 pedestrians died in traffic accidents in Tampa in 2018.

Drivers like Newman said it's best to always remain on high alert, but hopes pedestrians do their part, too.