Walt Disney World adding animatronic Joe Biden to Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom

While President Joe Biden began his term in the White House on Wednesday, plans were in the works to install his likeness at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

The Hall of Presidents was listed as being "closed for refurbishment" on the Walt Disney World Resort website Wednesday, which coincided with Biden’s inauguration. A park spokesperson said the refurbishment will include the addition of a Joe Biden "Audio-Animatronics" character to the attraction.

Additional details about the Biden character weren’t immediately available.

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The educational attraction, located Disney’s Magic Kingdom park, features moving and speaking Audio-Animatronics replicas of all the U.S. presidents, as well as three "massive" digital projection screens.

Disney has updated the Hall of Presidents with new presidents at the start of their respective terms. The attraction has included speeches recorded by the actual presidents since Bill Clinton in 1993.  

It wasn’t clear how long the refurbishment may take. Disney’s website shows "no times available" for guests to visit the Hall of Presidents into at least March. When President Trump took office in 2017, Disney World debuted his likeness along with upgrades to the show and some lobby touch-ups that following December.

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Visitors to the Hall of Presidents can watch a 25-minute show describing the story of the United States’ founding and major points in U.S. history, with famous speeches by presidents like Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy delivered by their Audio-Animatronics likenesses on stage.

The Hall of Presidents was listed as being "closed for refurbishment" Wednesday. (Disney)

Disney began developing its Audio-Animatronics figures in the 1960s, debuting an Abraham Lincoln character at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. The Hall of Presidents was one of the first attractions at Disney World when it opened in 1971.

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