Wander through the sunflowers at Harvestmoon Fun Farm

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There’s a farm in Hernando County where you can get lost among the sunflowers, literally. Harvestmoon Fun Farm’s sunflower maze is back for its sixth season.

“We did the corn maze, of course, and we had some requests from people that wanted to do more beside waiting to come back in the fall,” explained the farm’s Christina Falakos.

Maze-walkers can have fun finding their way through the walls of sunflowers, and there are plenty of other kids activities, too. You can even pick your own sunflowers to take home.

“We have about seven to 10 varieties planted out here – multi-branching, single branch, different colors,” Falakos continued. “You see yellows, oranges, lighter yellows; it’s just amazing all the different colors that you see."

Just don’t ask how many there are – there’s a lot of seeds-per-acre math involved.

“I’d have to say we probably have hundreds of thousands of seeds to flower out here,” Falakos offered.

The farm’s spring season runs weekends through May 26. They are open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

15990 Stur Street
Masaryktown, FL 34604

LINK: For more information: www.harvestmoonfl.com