WATCH: Mother raccoon faces off against bobcat in Sarasota

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A Sarasota woman captured a battle between a raccoon and a bobcat on video right in her own backyard. 

Erinn Earth posted the video to her YouTube channel showing the face-off between the bobcat and the raccoon, which was likely trying to protect its three babies.


The bobcat is seen on the video watching the raccoon, then all of a sudden the bobcat lunges forward at the raccoon and the raccoon fights back, chasing it out of the woods.

This scene played out last Friday in Earth's backyard, where she says is so full of wildlife that she has a YouTube channel to share what she captures on video. 

"Once the cat made its move I had no idea the raccoon would charge like that," Earth said. She said she also didn't realize at the time that the bobcat was actually trying to lead the raccoon away from the area where her cubs were and that's why the bobcat runs back toward the babies with the raccoon chasing behind. 

None of the animals were injured in the face-off, she said.

"She's fine and the kids too, I'm watching her literally out the window right now," she told FOX 13.