Watch: Pinellas deputies rescue 6-foot shark caught in crab trap

Pinellas deputies earlier this week came to the rescue of a shark seen struggling after getting its mouth caught on a crab trap.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office posted video of the rescue on their Facebook page, saying a concerned citizen flagged down some of their Marine Unit deputies after spotting the 6-foot shark in the water.

The deputies pulled up on a buoy line attached to the crab trap, which showed the shark stuck on a hook.

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The sheriff's office said after evaluating the situation, the deputies realized they could not safely remove the hook, so they cut as far down on the line as they could in order to set the shark free.

The shark could then be seen swimming off as one deputy shouted, "Bye, bud!"

"It's been a week of sea life rescues at PCSO!" the sheriff's office Facebook post said.

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Indeed, it's the second animal rescue this week for the agency.

Earlier in the week, several Pinellas deputies came to the rescue of sea turtle hatchlings that had gotten lost while trying to find their way to the Gulf – and instead wandered onto the property of a St. Pete Beach hotel.

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