Watch: Storm chaser drives through Michael's eye

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Storm chaser Douglas Kiesling braved the eyewall of Hurricane Michael so he could witness the calm of the eye.

The video that resulted from his brave mission to document one of the worst hurricanes ever to hit the mainland United States is breathtaking and terrifying.

Kiesling said he was in Mexico Beach, Florida, where Hurricane Michael came ashore Wednesday.

The nearly Category 5 storm created feet of storm surge, which Kiesling said he escaped by driving west into the storm’s eyewall.

When he reached the eye, it was almost difficult to tell there was a deadly and catastrophic hurricane swirling around him.

When the southern eyewall began to near, a giant shelf cloud and severe winds began to whip the trees surrounding him.


Before long, the southern half of the storm overtook Kiesling. Footage after the eyewall passed showed winds and rain so severe, it was hard to believe anyone could survive the conditions.

But Kiesling did survive and is showing the world how the inside of a hurricane looks and feels, with 155 mile-per-hour winds.

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