"We want justice for my daughter," said mother of murdered Lakeland woman

One week after the shooting death of 25-year-old Jeannie Dominguez, the Lakeland Police Department has not made any arrests nor identified any persons of interest.

Friends and family gathered outside of Jeannie's home where the shooting happened Sunday evening for a candlelight vigil honoring her life.

"We're here because we want justice for my daughter," said Narda Tolentino, Jeannie's mother.  "When they take the person responsible, yes, I'll be able to grieve, I'll be able to cry, I'll be able to miss my daughter."

Police say Jeannie was gunned down just feet away from her three young children.  

Jeannie's friends and family say they are confident they know who is responsible for her death, and are anxiously waiting for police to make an arrest.

"They keep saying they're close to solving the case but they're not if they're close to solving this case you would've got the boys who did it, we know who they are, we've shown them pictures, neighbors have seen the car," said Tiara Leann, one of Jeannie's friends.

As they wait for the investigation to play out, they're holding on to some of their favorite memories of Jeannie; a great mother who always had a smile on her face, according to Tolentino.

"Sitting on her couch, every conversation, every time we'd laugh, not even watching the TV just looking at our phones, sharing the phone back and forth," said Leann.

"My son used to call her daughter his girlfriend, and we used to go on playdates and stuff and I would go there while I was going through it, and she'd always talk to me and tell me that I will always be okay; pray with me," said Tiffany Macauley, a friend of Jeannie's.