'Welcome to Florida:' Pandemic makes it even harder to beat the heat

Finding fun things to do this year has been very difficult with all of the COVID-19 restrictions. Now we are dealing with the added challenge of beating the Florida heat. 

With the feels-like temps in the 100s, people are finding different ways to beat the heat. 

Nicole Guitard and her son, Ramon, try to go to different parks. They make sure to go out earlier in the day and later in the evening to try to stay out of the heat as much as possible.

“It’s challenging, especially this year, but we do the best we can. We are very fortunate to have a swimming pool, so that helps a lot,” she offered.

Her son Ramon, is not as comfortable with the weather this year. MA

“it’s very hot and I sweat in like two minutes,” he complained. “I don’t think it’s that normal for it not to rain in rainy season.”

Floridians are seeking shade anywhere they can get it.

Zyrah Attwood says the key is hydration.

“If you go in the water a little bit and come back, you’re perfectly fine. Just stay hydrated; keep your body energized.”

The most popular spot at Johns Pass one recent hot day was under the bridge. Lenny Stevens and Mike Brigman came over for a day of fishing. They were using the bridge for shade while trying to catch some fish.

“It’s been unseasonably hot all year. It was unbearable. We walked out there and with the heat and no breeze, it’s tough to take. The breeze and the bridge [shade] is why we are still here” said Brigman.

With the Florida sun continuing to beat down, many others retreated to the shade, but Deborah Jackson wouldn’t dream of it. The Largo resident had one message for people who are having a hard time with the July heat:

“Welcome to Florida.”