Widow will testify about husband's murder at second defendant's trial

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Defendant Alk'Waun Dixon flashed a brief smile in court Monday as he prepared to head to trial next month. Dixon’s co-defendant Xavier Smith was just convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Video that helped convict Smith will be used against Dixon, too. The footage shows the duo approaching Michael and Bonnie Beson at a Plant City gas station.  

Smith targets Michael, who is pumping gas, while a man alleged to be Dixon tries to rob Bonnie.  

Bonnie testified during Smith's trial that she watched as her husband tried to help her -- and was shot right in front of her.

“I get a glimpse of my husband on the driver’s side and I'm looking at the passenger side of the shooter pointing a gun at me, and I was looking right as his face as he pulled the trigger and killed him," sobbed Bonnie.

After the shooting, the two men took off. Both were eventually arrested and charged with Michael Beson's murder.

Bonnie is expected to testify in Dixon's trial next month and re-live the horror of losing her husband.

Dixon's trial starts February 4, 2019. It’s expected to last two weeks.