Wife testifies in husband's bond hearing after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in self-defense

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Murder defendant John James McQueen admitted to killing his girlfriend, Kelaina Adkins, and later telling detectives, "she was never going to leave me alone so I made sure that she would."

At McQueen’s bond hearing Friday morning, Detective Joe Florio said the 26-year-old defendant confessed to killing Adkins by choking and cutting her throat.

"He told me while he was choking her the look on her face went from aggressive to scared and he noted he started seeing tears down her face," Detective Florio said.

The mother of four was found in a bedroom, face down on a bed. After she was dead, investigators say McQueen headed to see his wife, Taneshia McQueen, to tell her what he had done. Taneshia told the court what her husband said: 

"He basically said she tried to come at him with a knife because she was going to carve my name out of his arm and he said he finally snapped," Taneshia testified.

Taneshia called police and McQueen was arrested.

Meanwhile, his public defender, Jamie Kane argued his client is not a danger to the community and should be released on bond.

"I would submit to this court that someone driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence for the second offense, is more of a danger to the community than Mr. McQueen. That behavior is random. You never know where it’s going to end tragically," argued Kane. 

Prosecutor Ron Gale did not agree.

"Clearly, that he is on probation for a prior offense against the same victim, he commits this murder while he is on that probation, he is not going to abide by any court order," said Gale.

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Frances Perrone agreed and denied McQueen bond, calling him a danger to the community.