Will ‘good old days’ return when pandemic becomes thing of the past?

Over the last year, COVID-19 has changed life drastically. But what about when the pandemic finally becomes history, what will that "new normal" be like?

For some, wearing masks will be a thing of the past; others, however, say they’ll keep wearing them. 

"I’ll be smart about it and if I think I need to wear one, I will," said Barb Kraght.

Socially, we could see some of the biggest changes. Many are ready to leave the current "stay-away" policies behind.

"We couldn’t even see our close family, you know; Christmas, Thanksgiving get-togethers," Kraght continued.

"Going out in public and grocery shopping and not having others fear the close capacity," said Kam Zemites.

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The workplace in general will likely see some changes, post-COVID. Dr. Jay Wolfson from USF says don’t be surprised if some employers continue to allow working from home. 

"Employers are finding out their employees are doing well at home and the employees enjoy working at home and are productive," Dr. Wolfson said. "Looking forward, our lives have changed forever in great part because of technology that's has allowed our lives to change the part that we've missed the most is the personal touch and connection." 

Restaurants, offices likely to look different in a post-pandemic world 

COVID-19 may change your office even before you go back there to work. 

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To be clear, the pandemic isn't over yet and we may still face some unforeseen twists and turns. However, with the vaccine rollout ramping up many are thinking about the days ahead and hoping for the days of old.