Winter Haven pregnancy center vandalized after supreme court overturned abortion rights

Almost two dozen volunteers from Winter Haven Worship Center arrived with paint and brushes in hand at the LifeChoice Pregnancy Center Monday morning to undo damage done over the weekend.

Sometime after closing on Friday and Sunday morning vandals spray-painted pro-choice graffiti on the center.

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"Different sayings such as we are coming to get you," said Winter Haven Police Chief David Brannan.

In the wake of the vandalism, the center is increasing security.

"We are meeting with our board to make sure we have the proper security in place for all our staff, our volunteers, and especially for our clients," said Lyndsy Flanagan, a spokeswoman for the center.

The culprits defaced the side and facade of the building, as well as a sign out front.

When Winter Haven Worship Center heard the news, it put out the word for people to help.

Our pastor mentioned it, and within 15 to 20 minutes I had 20 people signed up to come here and do it," said Jason Hughes, a church employee.

It took them more than three hours to repaint the entire building.

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"Our pastor actually said we’re going to go over there and serve, go share the love of God, and for some reason if it happens again, we’ll go back and paint it again," Hughes said.

The Winter Haven Police Department is investigating. Flanagan says the FBI is as well.

The case is made more difficult because the perpetrators spray-painted the lens of the surveillance camera to make it harder to identify them.

Similar events of vandalism are happening around the country.