Winter's Ocean Warriors reducing deadly ocean trash

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium is partnering with actors from the "Dolphin Tale" movie to reduce trash and debris in the ocean. 

CMA launched Winter’s Ocean Warriors, a campaign to encourage environmentally-friendly habits and educate on the deadly impact plastic and other marine debris has on marine life.

Two of CMA’s recent rescues are examples of the deadly impacts of marine debris.

Donkey Kong, a critically endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, was found tangled in the line of a fishing marker. He later passed a piece of a balloon through his system.

Donkey Kong was lucky to survive and is currently rehabilitating at CMA where people can visit him or watch his webcam until he is ready to be released.

In another instance, CMA summer camp students in Clearwater Bay found a sea urchin, later named Harry, attached to a plastic hair clip. CMA staff rescued Harry from the clip and will release the sea urchin released him back into the water. 

These are just two of the most recent cases of injuries to sea life due to deadly marine trash.

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