Witness said suspect was 'trying to execute' Tampa officer on Hillsborough Ave. Thursday

Pastor Carl Soto says he was driving down Hillsborough Avenue near 43rd Street Thursday night when he saw a Tampa police squad car's back windshield shatter and heard multiple gunshots.

"I was more in shock that I was seeing that because I would never have expected to see that kind of activity," Soto said.

He says the officer was clearly in trouble, so he called 911.

"I looked over and I saw what appeared to be a gentleman brandishing a very large firearm shooting at the direction of this officer," Soto said. "It was clearly evident that, to me, this officer was being fired upon and the person was trying to execute this officer."  

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The officer was one of many victims in a shooting spree across Hillsborough County and Tampa Thursday night.

The shooter, who police say is Antonio Cruz Ortiz, 31, is expected to see a judge for the first time since Thursday's shooting on Saturday. He is accused of "random" shootings that injured four people, including the officer.

Ten others were apparent targets of the shooting spree, but fortunately, no one suffered life-threatening injuries, according to investigators.

Tampa PD says the officer suffered an arm injury and is recovering at home.

Ortiz faces multiple counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault charges.