Wolf on the loose in Hillsborough County

At Horse Power for Kids there is a familiar face missing. Akela, a wolf-dog has been gone since Monday.

"We had severe flooding going on," said Saskia Ravelli.

As rain fell across Hillsborough County, a lake on the farm property rose.

"It really was the worse I had seen it," Ravelli explained.

As the water level rose behind Akela's home, it eventually washed away dirt at the fence's edge and Akela was able to get out.

"He has been out on the loose, but he's not far," she added.

Akela hasn't been technically missing. He could almost be labeled a visitor. He has been seen as recently as Wednesday morning wandering around the farm. He even came to visit his brother, Legend. The two were seen howling at each other.

"He has eaten. He tries to come on the property to eat, but we have not been able to get him inside of the cage," said Ravelli.

His owners have tried coaxing him back into his cage.

"We have tried pieces of chicken and cages," Armando Gort told FOX 13.

Armando Gort, the founder of Horse Power for Kids, hasn't had success.

"He will come close to us, five feet or so, but then he will run away," said Gort.

Those at the farm want him back as quickly as possible. The more time that goes by, the more worried they become.

"Our concern is when people see him, to understand he is a wolf-dog. It’s a hybrid that means he is partial wolf, but he is dog," said Ravelli.

Ravelli wants people to know Akela is friendly and he has a brother calling him home.

"He is more afraid of us people. He won't hurt anybody. We just want him home," she said.

If you have seen Akela, you can contact the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center at 813-744-5660.