Woman accused of abduction attempts in court

A woman accused of trying to abduct two children from two different parents at a local park made an appearance before a judge on Tuesday.

Volusia County sheriff's deputies say 34-year-old Sarah Freeman tried to grab a 7-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy on a beach in Wilbur By the Sea on Monday. Fortunately, their parents were nearby and stopped her from taking them. 

Investigators say in one case, Freeman told a pregnant mother that, "This isn't a Florida trip you're going to want to remember," before trying to grab her daughter. Deputies said that when the mother tried to stop her, a struggle ensued. 

"She actually ran up and hit me in the butt with a stick really hard," said Aaron Frazier, who thought Freeman was joking when she approached his son. "She grabbed my son's arm and kinda pushed this way to walk in front of me to protect him from me, and that's when she got to a foot past me I picked her up got her out of the way, got my son, got my phone and called 911."

Deputies responded to several 911 calls, including another parent who said Freeman tried taking her kid as well. 

"A lady just tried to take my son. I told her I was gonna stab her if she did. I didn't have anything to stab her with," one woman told the 911 operator.

Deputies showed up and arrested Freeman. According to the police report, she appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Freeman's father showed up for his daughter's first appearance in court. He said she needs help,  not jail time. 

"She's nice, loving, intelligent, but with drugs involved, she's a totally different person," Lonnie Freeman said.

Frazier's son is ok. He says this is a huge reminder for parents to keep an eye on their kids. 

"It's definitely a make people aware type moment, especially with your kids because you have no idea."

Freeman is facing several charges, including Attempted Kidnapping and Battery. Deputies also say that Freeman appeared to be on drugs.