Woman accused of breaking into Florida police station, stealing officer's lunch

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Investigators said a woman broke into a Florida police station and made herself right at home, even eating an officer's lunch in the break room.

Boynton Beach police said 29-year-old Yvelande Jean-Pierre broke the window of a police substation on the morning of Jan. 3 and crawled inside.

That's when officers said she stole two pre-made meals from the refrigerator, heating at least one of them up to eat.

The next day, officers discovered the scene and found a bag containing Jean-Pierre's wallet and Florida identification card in a bag that had been left behind.

"Her first mistake was breaking into our substation. The second was eating Agent Berben's chicken and asparagus (although she's clearly not a fan of asparagus). Her third mistake was leaving her wallet and FL ID behind," police wrote in a news release.

Investigators said Jean-Pierre could been seen on surveillance video on the outside of the substation, and said her cell phone pinged in the area around the time of the burglary.

Police charged Jean-Pierre with burglary, theft and criminal mischief.