Woman attacked during home break-in

Robert Bartlett says had he still been at home Friday morning, things would've played out differently when two unwanted guests broke in through the window.

It was around 5:30 a.m. and he had just left for work.  His wife was in the back Florida room when she heard the dogs going crazy.

"They run to the fence, both sides, and my wife said she never heard them bark like that before. They were telling her there was someone there," Bartlett said.

Worried by the dogs' behavior, his wife was going to grab her gun - but the bad guys got to her first.  "By the time she gets to the hall way they knock her in the head with a gun," Bartlett described.

They ransacked the house taking one of Robert's pistols, his wife's purse and possibly more.    

"Hopefully they get caught - I hope they never come back this way.  I'll be ready for them," he said.

Police believe the break-in was random, and as it turns out it may not have been the only thing those two were involved in Friday.

"Just a few minutes earlier, 911 dispatch received two calls in the same area from people that were driving down the road, encountering males jumping from the side of the road into the roadway," said Winter Haven Police spokesperson Jamie Brown.

Police think the cases are connected.  If you know anything about what happened, contact Winter Haven police.