Women seen 'treating' hair in Waffle House kitchen fired

No one wants to see hair in their food at a restaurant, but two Arkansas Waffle House workers were caught on camera using a restaurant pot to treat one of the employee’s hair in the kitchen.

It happened Sunday, when at least two customers saw two employees using a pot to apparently treat one of the other employee’s hair.

Antonio Robinson took video of what he was seeing and he says what was happening just feet in front of him -  where Waffle House workers prepare and serve food - was beyond surprising.

"I just thought it was nasty and I needed to let somebody see this," Robinson said.

He later posted the video on Facebook.

Another witness said the women were treating one of the employee’s braided hair in a pot of boiling water.
She said that's when she started recording video on her cell phone, as well.

The employees’ actions caught the attention of folks in the corporate offices of Waffle, who investigated and fired both the employees.

The Arkansas department of health and the St. Francis County Health Department said, as a result of the incident, they performed a full inspection on the restaurant – where they found no major violations.