Would-be porch pirate found hiding in bin labeled, 'Please take me'

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A would-be porch pirate was arrested, after Polk County deputies found him hiding in a storage bin with a lid on top that read, “Please take me.”

Polk County detectives began searching for the suspect, later identified as Silas Barclay, last week. He was seen in surveillance video about to steal a package from a Lakeland home on Friday, but the homeowner was notified of the disturbance through the security system. The potential victim was able to speak through his phone and surveillance camera asking, “Can I help you?”

Barclay dropped the package and fled, deputies said. Within a week, they found him on Harden Boulevard near Alamo Drive, after receiving tips from the agency’s Facebook followers. 

One person exited the home and told deputies that Silas was inside and didn’t want to come outside. Deputies said they entered the home and found him hiding in a plastic storage big, which was beneath some blankets. The lid of the storage bin had the words, “Please take me.”

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“Deputies happily took Silas, but left the bin behind,” the agency wrote on its Facebook page.

Silas was arrested and faces an attempted burglary charge.