Wounded veterans show strength in Soldier Ride

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Almost 50 veterans wounded during combat are meeting in the Bay Area to show strength during a two-day bike ride.

The Wounded Warrior's Project puts on the Soldier Ride, in which 44 veterans will ride from Ballast Point to Davis Island and back.

The trek starts Friday morning and spans a full 40 miles.

“It is hugely transformational for everyone involved,” said Charlie Honea, a Wounded Warrior bicycle tech.

“I’m kind of nervous I haven't ridden a bike in I don’t know how many years,” Army veteran Craig Stanford said.

“I think I’ll make it. Thank God it’s not a race," fellow Army veteran Al Hunter said. 

While it is not a race, it is just as rewarding in the end.

“We're doing it together, as a brotherhood,” said Stanford.