Young girl's patriotic mission is to make sure no Armed Forces members are left behind

A local organization's mission and operation is making sure those in the military know that they matter.

"Operation: Military Matters" collects supplies from the community and sends care packages from home to military members overseas.

This organization started in late 2015 by a 9-year old girl as a school project, that has now grown into a non-profit.

That girl, Graci Tubbs, is 13 years old now and has sent more than 2,400 care packages.

"All of the military members that we have sent care packages to are so thankful," Tubbs explained to FOX 13. "We have received a lot of letters back saying...'Thank you for making my deployment worth it,' and seeing these cards come back to us or messages makes us really want to continue because of how much they appreciate one small act."

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They have packing parties on October 24, November 21 and December 12. You can also donate items if you can't volunteer.

LINK: Learn more by visiting or follow them on their Facebook page.