Summer at ZooTampa: Visit baby animals and keep cool with Frosty Fusions

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is bringing summer fun to Tampa. Visitors can see some adorable baby animals and grab a new frozen treat. 

The Manatee Critical Care Center is home to endangered manatees. Visitors can meet two baby manatees, Callopie and Soleil. 

"They're still considered very critical. Orphan calves are very challenging. But, they're doing really really great so far," shared Lisa DiJenno–Smith, an animal care supervisor.

Full-grown manatees are also at the facility. The calves benefit from interacting with adults. ZooTampa eventually releases manatees once they're healthy.

Visitors can also meet baby rhinos. These white rhinos like to be petted and it's the main way that they bond with caregivers at the zoo. According to zookeepers, they grow pretty quickly. 

"We estimate around 70-80 pounds at birth. But, these white rhinos will put on about 100 pounds a month," explained Chris Massaro, vice president of animal care.

Less than 18,000 white rhinos are left in the world, he said, so newborns at the zoo are a sign of hope for the entire species.

ZooTampa visitors can also grab a snack during their trip.

Wendy's is debuting a brand-new "Frosty Cart" at the Tampa zoo. The cart includes new offerings called Frosty Fusions and is located in the Wallaroo section of the zoo.

"They came to ZooTampa and premiered the first-ever Frosty Cart," said Alex Crown, director of entertainment productions. "The first one’s here. And they’re planning to blow this up and do it in a lot more places."

There will be other new food offers at the park for the Fourth of July.

A $1 hotdog will be available in the Wallaroo area of the zoo at Boomers Café on Sunday, July 4. There will also be BOGO 16-ounce beers all around the park for adults and the Salty Turtle Bar will be open all day Saturday. 

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