The Zoppe Family Circus draws it's inspiration from a unique place

Largo's Central Park becomes a portal for the magical as the Zoppe Family Circus is in town.

"It's a traditional European one ring circus, it's a very small intimate environment," shared Tosca Zoppe, a performer and family member of the Zoppe Family Circus.

"Our family has actually been performing continuously since 1842," said Zoppe, "You're going to see trapeze, you're going to see aerial hoops, you're going to see tumbling, you're going to see   horses, dogs, clowns of course, not scary clowns European clowns of course!"

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But the real magic comes from the family, because the heart of this circus beats in the family business.

"I've been doing this my whole life," stated Zoppe, "I started doing this when I was two years old. It's really in me, the sawdust from the ring, it's in our veins."

The family show centers on a central story that continues with each act as the Ring master introduces each performer. Their aim is to draw the audience into the show, so for 90 minutes, everyone is a part of the family.

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The different performers are all family trained and have, well, inherited their acts.

"When you're a child in the circus, your playground is all of the skills that you would learn in a circus," explained Zoppe, "For me, it was the horses of course, that's our family heritage."

She took on the equestrian ballerina work that her family circus has become known for around the world.

"When people come to our circus, the most important thing for me is that we were able to make them feel something and have a connection with us," acknowledged Zoppe.

The Circus will be performing in Largo Central Park until March 19th. Tickets can be purchased in advance by clicking here.