Draft night will be a little cloudy for the Bucs

Devin White was an easy call for the Bucs last season; the fifth player taken in the NFL Draft. But trying to figure out who will be left on the draft board for the Bucs is a cloudy proposition.

NFL executives think even the best mock drafts are going to be wrong this time around. 

"I think they're right," former Bucs tight end and ESPN analyst Anthony Becht told FOX 13 Sports. "I think the one thing of not having the engagement with the players, the pro days, being able to travel with the teams. The medicals maybe a little more of a 'red flag' across the board."

The consensus among Tampa Bay fans and media is zeroing-in on protection for Tom Brady -- but the top-four-rated offensive tackles could be gone when it's the Bucs' turn on the clock.

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"I do have those four tackles off the board when it comes to the Buccaneers," said Becht. "You're probably going to try and trade up. It would be your best bet if you really want to get one of the best four guys. They are not going to be the only team that will try to do that in my opinion."

So what should the Bucs do if that's the situation? Both Tony Dungy and Anthony Becht feel the choice is crystal clear.

"I have a little bit of a surprise they could go defense," said Becht. "Particularly at the defensive end position."

"When [the Colts] had Peyton Manning, that was always my thought," Tony Dungy told FOX 13 Sports. "We have to draft pass rushers. We have to draft big-play defensive backs. When we're in the fourth quarter and the other team is trying to come back, we need those big-play guys that can shutdown that last drive."

Becht, who has spoken with Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, has the name he thinks the Bucs will turn in, but you'll have to wait until Wednesday when Becht posts his only mock draft on his social media platforms.