Jameis Winston holding baby Gator fan wins the internet

A photo of Jameis Winston hold a baby in a Florida Gators onesie has fans of both teams saying "awwww" and "noooo" at the same time. 

But not to worry, state of Florida football fans; Winston wasn't taking sides, but rather bridging gaps between teams with the photo op. 

The adorable photo was posted on Facebook by the baby's mother, Brittany Galvin, of Tampa, who said she sat next to Winston at a restaurant.

Galvin told FOX 13 News that it started as soon as her family walked in. 

She said, "When we first walked into the restaurant, he looked at us and said, 'You can't sit here,' while holding his hand over the table next to him." 

Galvin said Winston was smiling and laughing, and followed up with, "I'm just kidding, here go ahead."

She said she took a minute to realize who Winston was, but as soon as she did, she wanted to capture the moment with a photo.

After consulting her husband, who said he thought Winston would probably not agree, she decided to ask Winston anyway. And he was on board. 

"It was pretty comforting how friendly he was. We waited until he finished eating to start to talk to him again. I woke up Olivia because I knew this would probably be the only time in history she would meet a QB for a NFL team - not to mention how well he played this season and the game the day before was a huge win!" Galvin told FOX 13 News.

Galvin said Winston was a great sport. 

"You meet a lot of celebs here in Tampa and very rarely do they come across so genuine and kind, that you almost don't recognize them!" Galvin said. "We are proud to have him as our hometown QB... that is for sure!"