New Lowes for Tampa Bay Rays

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Two of the Rays' youngest stars share the same spelling of their last names, but Brandon Lowe — which rhymes with “pow” — and Nate Lowe — which rhymes with “glow” — could not pronounce their names any differently.

"For as long as I've known him, it's been the way it is," said Nate Lowe, who grew up in Virginia just like Brandon Lowe. "We kind of accept that. I give it to him here and there, but it doesn't really bother me for the most part. One day he'll say it right."

There is a question about his first name as well. Mom says to call him Nathaniel.

"The family says Nathaniel," laughed Nate. "I say it long enough it becomes a mouthful, so Nate just turns into what it is."

The Rays have another Lowe in their system. It's Nate's brother Josh, both drafted in 2016. Josh in the first and Nate in the 13th round. They would be the second set of brothers to play together for the Rays in the big leagues. 

Nate and Josh have played together twice in the Rays' minor league system, with Bowling Green and Port Charlotte. Nate can't wait for his brother to get called up to the big league. At that point, the Rays could have a lineup starting with Lowe, Lowe, and Lowe.

"I'm excited to be here now, but when he gets here too it's going to be even better," said Nate.

The name says low, but there are lofty expectations for the Rays' newest power hitter.

"He's having good at-bats," said Rays manager Kevin Cash. "As long as he's hitting it hard that's all we can ask for. We want to find ways for him to continue doing that."

"Being able to get up [to the majors] and contribute to a team that's playing like this is incredible. It's a dream come true to be here in the first place," said Nathaniel.