Odessa lacrosse club one of the best in country

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Most nights, you can find the girls on the Limitless Elite 2023 lacrosse team on the field. 

"We condition every night, we practice at home, we just do a lot of stuff to get better each day," said midfielder, Natalie Jones. 

It's paid off. Three years ago, these now 8th graders made the transition from rec to club lacrosse. 

Since then, they've gone from being relatively unknown to becoming one of the best in the country. 

"They've won about nine tournaments in the past two years, and just recently, two weeks ago, we're now at a national ranking of 12," said head coach Earle Grey.  

The coaches, girls, and their parents have gone to long distances -- quite literally -- to have so much success, so quickly. 

"Lacrosse is traditionally a northeastern sport, so we have to travel out of the state to Maryland, to New York, to play the better teams," explained Grey. "All the nationally ranked teams are pretty much in that area." 

That's where they'll go this summer, in order to improve their game and their national ranking. 

"I feel like that means that we have a very bright for us, that we get to travel, and colleges can see us, and everyone can see what we're doing, and see how good we are," said midfielder, Kate Prentice.