Pinellas County student-athletes begin participating in fall sports

When it comes to high schools sports this fall, rules won’t just apply to the guys and girls on the field: fans will have plenty to follow as well. From where to sit or stand to how to even get tickets, spectators in Pinellas will see plenty of changes to the game day experience.  

In an effort to limit person-to-person contact and be able to keep events from overcrowding, fans will now have to buy tickets ahead of the game, match or meet and they'll only be available online. 

Tickets will go on sale each week ahead of the game and a percentage will be set aside for visiting fans. Securing a ticket early will be a must for now at least because all events will be capped at 25% stadium capacity.  

Fans will have to wear masks and maintain social distancing while attending sporting events. There may be new places where spectators can no longer sit or stand, for instance the start and finish lines at cross country meets.

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To start the year, some indoor sports like volleyball and swim and dive, won’t be able to bring fans back just yet, but district officials say they hope to welcome them back by September 19. 

For those who can’t get a ticket or can’t attend an event in person, the Pinellas County School District is trying to make it easier for fans to still be able to get in on the action. 

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The NHFS Network, a subscription-based service, will offer unlimited streaming access to all Pinellas County football and volleyball games through

The Identity Tampa Bay will also broadcast select football and volleyball games for free.