President Trump on Tom Brady: 'I think he'll do well in Tampa Bay'

President Donald Trump spoke highly of new Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady Tuesday morning in an interview on FOX Sports Radio. 

“Well, I think he’s going to do a great job. He's a winner, he knows how to win, that’s a big thing. He's been a great quarterback,” the president said. 

Speaking to FOX Sports Radio’s “Outkick the Coverage” the president touted the Glazers as “fantastic owners” of the Buccaneers.  And on Brady’s move south from New England:

“He probably wanted a change, he had plenty of teams go to, and he picked one with a good offensive line and good receivers,” President Trump said. 

Those receivers -- like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, OJ Howard, and, of course, Gronk -- are becoming social media darlings as the team pumps out training camp videos in the era of COVID 19.  

The president was asked if he believes the NFL will start on time on September 10.

Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann (Getty Images) and Tia Dufour (White House)

“If they don’t stand for the anthem, I hope they don’t open. Other than that, I hope to see them open. We're doing everything we can to see them open,” he said. 

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And if things go well, the president sees a winning formula right here in Tampa Bay. 

“I think he'll do well in Tampa Bay…I don’t know why it’ll be a surprise, I think he's going to do great,” the president added.